maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

Me and bloggers

As a blogger I collect inspiration from other blogs. My blog has mainly been a beauty blog during the past year but things will change. I´m a student who might seem quite odd to the people (general humans) but for a blogger I am considered normal. Thats why I blog. Sharing my views on fashion,beauty and everything actually. I personally don´t know anyone who wears kimonos to school and wears John Lennon style sunglasses. I do like meeting new people and getting to know them and their 3D world. Below this text there is a list of exceptionally excellent fashion bloggers I respect.

Susie Bubble can pull of any piece of clothing and still look good in it.

                                                                                                                          Susie Bubble

Tavi Gevinson started blogging at the age I am now and was fierce even back then.

                                                                                                                        Tavi Gevinson

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

M·A·C Creme Cup lipstick

Hi everyone! Sorry that I have not been blogging for a long time. I have had a very busy term in my school. I will from now on have at least three blog posts per week. Last year I bought MAC´s lipstick creme cup (which is a creamsheen for those curious ones) thinking it would be a nice neutral shade for school. when I got home I tried on the shade but it did´nt work on my skin tone. I left it in my makeup drawer and did not glance at it. This autumn I found it tried it on my lips again and fell in love with it. It´s the most gorgeous nude-pink on the market.

 P.S I will have a lot more fashion related topics on my blog + A haul and review on the street style in Antwerp.


+ very pigmented                                           -An annoying buttery feeling

+matte finish                                                  -fades fast

+glossy                                                          -shows unevenness on your lips

+sleek packaging

+nice scent of vanilla

It is now my favaroite lipstick. It even won Maybelline´s Delicate Pearl shade.

sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

Autumn is here!

I have not been blogging lately due to an oversized amount of test and projects. I did though go outside for a walk in the forest and I took some photos, I would like to share.

                  At Day’s End in the Forest

                                       Retreating September sunlight                                       Last traces…
                                       creamsicle-orange glows and streaks
                                       poking through tree openings
                                       Marking day’s end

                                       Rustling sounds draw closer
                                       White-tailed doe, spotted fawn emerge
                                       from forest darkness
                                       Young seedling leaves–
                                       an awaited bedtime snack

                                       Sun’s last rays slip
                                       below an outstretched horizon
                                       Pale blue-gray evening light
                                       descends upon forest shadows
                                       Doe and fawn disappear into their own footsteps

keskiviikko 8. elokuuta 2012

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sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2012

Too Fat, Too thin

With the uprising of skinny models and obese people most kids dont know which one to choose. Now about 18% of kids are over weigth. The modelling industry clearly wants something new. Every year models are getting thinner and thinner. When the womans avaredge body is not enuff we start to use kids. Great , and in a society where its many boys dream to "have" a victorias secret model. Oh and did I mention this is only "item" they can show off. What do you think? (Disclaimer not all boys are like this, only some)

                                                                            Middle Ages


sunnuntai 15. heinäkuuta 2012

YSL paris Edp

Sorry that I have not been blogging for a while summer is at its peak and been quite a blur. Anyway a few days ago my dad and I were sitting at a cafe at a flea market. I went to check stuff out and saw this lady selling perfumes. She all kind of ones ranging from SJP to Tommy Hilfiger. Then I saw it. YSL paris. For 18 dollars. So as you can tell I bought it. The scent is very rosy and propably not a common choice for a 13 year old.

What they say:
Romantic, ultra feminine, exquisitely refined, the scent of a rose in full bloom: YSL Paris, the perfume Yves Saint Laurent designed to give to the world the glamour and allure of the city he loved above all. A rose opening at dawn to reveal its secrets… the first notes flower in solitude, then are joined by violet with hints of bergamot. The middle breathes with light powdery accents of may rose and iris. Completing the rose accord: the awakening of sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. In a tempered crystal flacon.

What I say:
YSL paris has a rosy scent. The scent is very strong at first where is smells like artificial roses. Later on though I smelt Sandalwood and moss (yeah I know moss???) . Its said to be a daytime fragence for women so for me this would be a nigth time frangrence.